Pebble rug, $399, Happy as Larry
Pebble rug, $399, Happy as Larry

You’ve never felt so at home

YOU know a trend has gone way beyond the craft room when the Milan Furniture Fair starts showing felt furniture as it did this April.

If you're anything like me and the closest you've come to creating your own felt is shrinking your favourite wool jumper in the washing machine/dryer, then fear not.

You don't have to get crafty; you can now buy a range of homewares in this beautiful, durable material.

Felt can now come in any colour and it can be made into any shape or size. That opens up a whole new world for homewares ... soft durable colourful felt homewares.

Felt has a lot going for it; it looks great, but it feels even better. That's probably why felt has caught on so well for the children. I mean you're not going to be too worried about little Johnny alone in the playroom with all that felt are you?

Felt also looks fun. It often comes in great solid blocks of colour, so decorating with felt homewares is a great way to add colour to a space.

But why should the kids have all the fun? That's been answered with a resounding, no, they shouldn't. There's loads of felt furniture and storage items that are now designed for grown ups.

For instance, buying storage can be tricky; especially if you want something functional but doesn't look obviously office-like. There's not much chance a felt magazine storage rack or basket is going to scream work, it says more play time than work.

The other thing about felt is it's pretty indestructible, even for adults. So I guess even if it does make the washing machine or dyer, I'm not going to do too much damage am I?

Here's a sample of all things felt. They are available online and in shops. But don't forget your local craftspeople, usually selling at markets, and that's where it all began.

Red i-stool, designed and made in Brisbane, $495, Deka
Red i-stool, designed and made in Brisbane, $495, Deka