A Mackay father is accused of glassing a stranger in the face at Walkerston.
A Mackay father is accused of glassing a stranger in the face at Walkerston.

Young father in court over violent glassing of stranger

A YOUNG father is accused of violently glassing a stranger in the face, allegedly with such force the glass shattered in front of a shocked crowd in Walkerston.

Police allege Tyler Peter Gesche fled Osheas Hotel as the victim lay bleeding on the ground while other patrons applied first aid to his wounds.

Police bail objection documents say the injured man, Jeoffrey Hart, attempted to chase after Mr Gesche "but has collapsed nearby due to his injuries".

Mr Gesche, who cried during his appearance in Mackay Magistrates Court, is charged with grievous bodily harm. He allegedly told police someone was "running at him and he was trying to defend himself".

The bail documents allege the 21 year old, who had prior convictions, had been drinking since 2pm before arriving at Osheas Hotel about 10pm on January 17 this year.

The court heard CCTV captured the incident.

Police allege both Mr Gesche and Mr Hart left the hotel via a side door at 11.08pm. As Mr Hart said goodbye to friends, Mr Gesche walked away still holding a glass.

Police allege Mr Gesche then walked back to Mr Hart and from nowhere struck him "in the face with such force that the glass shattered".

Police allege Mr Gesche "made a conscious, definite decision to return with the glass and approach the victim".

Mr Hart was rushed to hospital with serious facial injuries including an arterial bleed "and was in and out of consciousness". Doctors told police Mr Hart may need surgery.

During an interview, Mr Gesche told police he "could not remember the majority of what happened on the night".

Defence solicitor Rosie Varley pushed for bail, arguing Mr Gesche was young, not a flight risk and that he would abide by strict conditions.

She acknowledged there was a strong case and her client was in a show cause position, but said his continued detention as the case progressed to the district court was "unjust".

The court heard Mr Gesche had convictions for assault occasioning bodily harm and common assault.

Magistrate Damien Dwyer agreed Mr Gesche was not a flight risk but said it was "a very serious assault and very serious injuries to a person you didn't even know".

"This is a very strong case against you," Mr Dwyer said.

"It involves you with a bad history of violence … a weapon has been used.

"I'm not satisfied you won't commit any further offences."

Bail was rejected and the case was adjourned to mid April.