You think State of Origin rivalry is bad? Think again

STATE against state and mate against mate is the mantra of the annual three-game series between Queensland and New South Wales we lose our mind over.

With the toothless bogans from the north and the latte sipping chumps from the south doing battle in the stands since the 80s, the contest has developed into one of Australia's great rivalries.

But how does it rank on the international stage?

I would say in the middle.

There was the time in 1988 when the Lang Park locals were restless after King Wally was wrongly sent off so they peppered the ground with cans of XXXX.

Which by the way is probably the best way to treat a can of half-filtered water from the Brisbane River.

A pretty wild night at The Cauldron because of the hatred between the two sides, but compared to some football (soccer) rivalries it would barely rate a mention.

One of the most famous rivalries in football is the one between West Ham United and Millwall FC, both based in East London and made up of dockworkers from rival companies.

There was many clashes between the fans and it's hard to point out the first one but the worst was in 2009.

There was the three pitch invasions, dozens of injured people some of who were stabbed, and assaulted police officers at the game.

Thankfully the violence, none of which is that bad, around State of Origin time happens on the field.