Mikaela Peters is able to use a disabled parking permit despite some people not thinking she is 'diasbled enough'.
Mikaela Peters is able to use a disabled parking permit despite some people not thinking she is 'diasbled enough'. Warren Lynam

'You don't look disabled enough for a permit', teen told

A DISABLED teenager had to call police after an angry couple threatened her for "not looking disabled enough" to park in a disability space.

The incident, near McDonald's in Mooloolaba, left 19-year-old Mikaela Peters shaken and in tears.

Three years ago, Mikaela was diagnosed with severe reactive arthritis, a "disease I didn't even know existed".

She was transformed from a "fit, happy and fun-loving teenager" into someone barely able to walk in an alarmingly short period of time.

"This disease struck hard, and unbelievable fast," she said in a Facebook post.

"I will never forget the day when a group of doctors stood at the end of the bed and told me they didn't know what was wrong, but they did know that my body couldn't keep coping with the amount of pain and inflammation that it was dealing with," she said.

"I was scared, but I was given hope from those around me."

The condition affects all her joints and organs and it leaves her in permanent pain.

Do ordinary people have a right to judge whether someone else should have a disabled parking permit?

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While she may look normal on the outside, every step is an effort and for months she didn't even bother going out.

Six months ago, after letters from doctors and specialists and going through the rigmarole and paperwork and appointments with Queensland Transport, she was given a disabled parking permit.

This allows her to park close to venues of her choice and get out and about again.

But time and time again she has had people confronting her when she gets out of the car for not looking ill enough.

Normally pointing to the disability sticker on her car silences them.

The couple outside the Mooloolaba McDonald's were so determined to get their point across, they threatened Mikaela.

"When we pulled up, a middle-aged lady was standing next to us in the car park," Mikaela said.

"When I walked past her she said I was 'too young to have that permit'."

Mikaela pointed to the sticker and went inside, but when she returned to her car, the woman's male friend joined in the fray.

"He was on the phone giving a detailed description of our car and me and my partner," Mikaela said.

"I'm not sure who he gave it to and then they threatened us.

"They said they were going to 'take care of us'.

"He told me if I could walk, I was not disabled."

When Mikaela got on the phone to police, the couple took off.

Mikaela and her partner have filed a police report.