Photo from George Christensen MP's Facebook page of him shooting a handgun.
Photo from George Christensen MP's Facebook page of him shooting a handgun.

The world reacts to THAT gun photo of George Christensen

THE gun-toting photo Dawson MP George Christensen posted over the weekend has been making headlines across Australia and the world today.

And the Twittersphere is continuing to fire up, after Mr Christensen posted the photo of him holding a gun with the caption: "you gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks"?

The BBC reported the news under the headline 'Australia MP George Christensen criticised over gun photo'

"An Australian MP has drawn criticism for posting a photo online that showed him aiming a gun and asking: "Do you feel lucky, greenie punks?"," the BBC reported.

"The Greens party said the conservative MP's post was "disgraceful", noting it came in the same week that 17 people died in a US school shooting."

Gulf News Americas story 'Aussie politician slammed for gun-toting photo' spoke about the image coming days after the school massacre.

"A conservative Australian politician who posted a photo of himself on Facebook holding a gun in a jibe at environmentalists was reported to police and slammed on Monday as insensitive after a mass US school shooting," Gulf News reported.



Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, in an opinion piece via the Sydney Morning Herald, blasted Mr Christensen's "undergraduate, silly, and downright thuggish" tactics for posting the photo.

She put his ability to lead an electorate into question, saying politics was a space where there's "power and privilege" in being a representative of your electorate.

There's a lot you can do in Parliament, even from the backbench, and it gives you a platform to say and do things that people listen to

She blamed Mr Christensen for a vulgar death threat she received from one of the Dawson MP's supporters, saying "that's what happens when people in positions of authority" act the way he did -- "it emboldens and enables their supporters to take it a step further".



High profile journalists, political commentators and politicians from all parties have also weighed in on the photo, with independent senator Derryn Hinch in a fiery exchange on national TV.

"For him to do that stuff with a gun yesterday when kids are being buried in Florida, it is sick," Senator Hinch told Channel Seven's Sunrise program today.

"I think the man should apologise on his knees," he said.

"This is the most disgusting thing I have seen since I've been in Canberra."

Senator Pauline Hanson also said she had heard the image was "wrong" and "distasteful".





And he wasn't even safe from the pundits with half-decent photoshop and meme-making skills...