WE KNOW too well how long-haul air travel can bring on a certain kind of mind-numbing exhaustion on even the most clever of people.

But few people had sympathy for this unfortunate woman, who was filmed struggling to push her luggage trolley through the baggage claim area of Sydney Airport.

In the video, which went viral after being posted to the Humans of Bankstown Facebook page, the woman works hard to push the uncooperative trolley past the baggage carousels before she realises her mistake - the trolley is upside down.

The video then captures the weary traveller attempting to correct the error.

The clip has been viewed more than 237,000 times and attracted 3400 comments since it was shared online.

Thankfully, many people could sympathise with the woman's struggle - although everyone found it hilarious.

"Took me a while to figure out what was wrong and then I couldn't stop laughing," one person wrote.

Another suggested someone could have helped the woman instead of just filming her.

"Let's laugh and film it instead of help," they said. "I'd have a laugh but I still help her."

"Could've helped her and still had a laugh," someone else said. "Bet she would've laughed too."