Paris Anne Blurton, 30, is accused of assaulting a number of police officers.
Paris Anne Blurton, 30, is accused of assaulting a number of police officers. Facebook

Woman allegedly assaulted six officers in one day

A PREGNANT woman accused of assaulting five police officers and a watch house officer in one day laughed and smiled throughout her first court appearance.

Paris Anne Blurton, who is 21-weeks pregnant, faced Rockhampton Magistrates Court for the first time today in relation to the charges in a bid to be released on bail.

The 30-year-old Koongal woman stands charged with four counts of serious assault police officer, two counts of serious assault police causing bodily harm, two counts of serious assault public officer, two counts of wilful damage of police property and one count each of serious assault police and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Two police officers wearing protective goggles and gloves led Ms Blurton, wearing a medical gown and handcuffs, into the docks.

In a statement police alleged at around 12.30am yesterday morning officers attended a Lakes Creek Rd address to take Ms Blurton into custody in relation to the theft of a vehicle earlier in the evening.

She allegedly kicked the rear passenger side window of a police vehicle, kicked an officer in the chest, spat on two constables before hitting them on the arm, bit another constable, spat on a watch house officer and scratched and spat on a forth constable.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kathryn Stafford told the court details of the offences while Ms Blurton sat in the dock smiling.

Ms Blurton, who Sgt Stafford claimed is an ice-addict, allegedly spat at officers four times and on one occasion the spit landed in an officer's mouth.

She also allegedly bit an officer on the arm, breaking their skin and grabbed another by the vest and shook them.


Ms Blurton began to laugh when Sgt Stafford told the court the police officer that was kicked was now on light duties as a result of injury.

Defence solicitor Lance Rundle told the court although his client had a history of assault, she had never been charged with failing to appear so would be unlikely to miss future court dates if released on bail.

Acting Magistrate Mark Morrow denied Ms Blurton bail as he was concerned she would re offend.

Sgt Stafford said she had a history of assault and was subject to a probation and community service order at the time of the offences.

Ms Blurton was remanded in custody until February 2, where she will appear in court via video link.