Northern Rivers local Nathan Cooper says this is the perfect time to adopt a low carbon lifestyle.
Northern Rivers local Nathan Cooper says this is the perfect time to adopt a low carbon lifestyle.

Why this is the perfect time to change your lifestyle

PEOPLE are preaching the low carbon lifestyle as a way of reducing the need to panic buy during the coronavirus pandemic.

The low carbon lifestyle is centred around a person lessening their carbon footprint via reducing their consumption on everyday goods and increasing their sustainability.

Northern Rivers local Nathan Cooper, who runs low carbon lifestyle-focused blog My Climate Life, said the coronavirus pandemic was creating a situation in which people need to become more sustainable.

"People have to cut their spending, people have to travel less, people can't go shopping so it's basically the perfect time to make your life sustainable for the environment and sustainable for your family long-term," he said.

Mr Cooper said he had implemented the lifestyle at his home and the benefits were obvious.

"It didn't feel right buying all this crap … we drive a heap less than we used to, we ride our electric bikes everywhere which is a heap of fun, we grow 80 per cent of our own food now, we buy local and we stopped buying new stuff," he said.

If changing your whole lifestyle into something new sounds daunting, Mr Cooper said it was the small changes that make the most impact.

"A lot of environmentalists fritter around the edges with things like 'recycle' and 'turn your lights off' but really that's not going to make a big difference and it can be a hassle for people … the things that make a big difference for people are quite often really easy," Mr Cooper said.

"You're actually not making big changes to your life like you won't suddenly be walking everywhere and never using electricity, it's little changes which add to your lifestyle."

To help make the transition easier plenty of websites, like My Climate Life, offer free online resources which help guide the way forward.

"I am interested in the science and psychology of it … I've focused on the things you can do online in five minutes that will make a difference," Mr Cooper said.

To access My Climate Life's range of free online resources and blog posts about the low carbon lifestyle, go to