Characters Unikitty, Emmet, Vitruvius and Wyldstyle in a scene from The Lego Movie.
Characters Unikitty, Emmet, Vitruvius and Wyldstyle in a scene from The Lego Movie. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture

Who and what ruled 2014? iTunes has published the list

WITH so many of us now glued to our sleek-looking Apple products, it's no surprise that when we're buying music, books, television shows or movies, we're buying them from iTunes.

As the we enter the twilight of 2014, the all-conquering Apple media store has released its "Best of 2014" list.

The top music winners won't be a surprise to many -- Australian pop queen Sia, UK balladeer Sam Smith and Aussie boy band 5 Seconds of Summer -- but there are some oddities.

The LEGO Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy were among the best movies, but small-time Queensland indie horror flick Charlie's Farm took out best Australian flick. Not bad considering Wolf Creek 2 came out earlier this year.

TV Shows were a mixed barrel, with slow-burning serials Fargo and True Detective among the top.

Of course, it wouldn't be an iTunes list without a run-down of the best Apps that distracted us from reality this year.

Do you think iTunes has it right?


Check out the iTunes highlights below:


*   Best Artist - Sia
*   Best Album - Chet Faker, Built on Glass
*   Best Song - Sam Smith, Stay With Me
*   Best New Artist - 5 Seconds of Summer


*   Best Director - Boyhood
*   Best Family Movie - The LEGO Movie
*   Best Blockbuster - Guardians of the Galaxy
*   Best Australian - Charlie's Farm

TV Shows

*   TV Show of the Year - Fargo Season 1
*   Best Performance - True Detective Season 1
*   Best Book Adaptation - Outlander Season 1
*   Best Australian Show - Please Like Me Season 2

Apps - iPhone

*   iPhone App of the Year - Elevate Brain Training
*   iPhone Game of the Year - Threes!

Apps - iPad

*   iPad App of the Year - Pixelmator
*   iPad Game of the Year - Monument Valley


*   Fiction Book of the Year - Lost & Found
*   Nonfiction Book of the Year - Hack Attack


*   Best Classic Podcast - Hamish & Andy
*   Best New Podcast - Sleek Geeks Podcast