The June snow at Guyra was measured at 5cm deep in some parts.
The June snow at Guyra was measured at 5cm deep in some parts. EWN Alerts - New South Wales Fac

Where to see snow this week - it could be your last chance

START packing your boots, coats and scarves and prepare for a trip to Guyra because snow is expected to fall for what may be the last time before spring.

Guyra, south of Tenterfield, was put in the spotlight when it became a winter wonderland in June and it could happen again early Friday morning.

Duty forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology, Miranda Langton, said snow wasn't forecasted at Tenterfield, but temperatures could reach as low as minus 3 degrees on Saturday.

"We have a front moving over today and through to Wednesday and Thursday," she said.

"With that front there's quite a large cold pull of air moving across the state so that's lingering around on Friday."

Guyra will freeze through a frosty Friday as it experiences a high of 7 degrees. Saturday will get down to minus 1 degrees and rise to 12 during the day.

Guyra is about a four-hour drive southwest from Lismore.

Lismore can rejoice as daytime temperatures are expected to remain in the low to mid-20s until Friday when it drops to 19, while rain is prediced in Lismore tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday.

Getting out of bed may be a challenge Friday to Sunday as the low drops to 4-5 degrees overnight.

That low still doesn't come close to the coldest August day ever recorded for Lismore, which was minus 2 degrees in 1995.

Is there another East Coast Low on the way?

Ms Langton said there was a low forming off the east coast that may reach the southern border of Queensland.

"There is quite a variation in models at the moment so it's uncertain," she said. "But it's around the coast off Newcastle."

East Coast Lows can bring strong winds, heavy rainfall and very rough seas to affected areas.

They are most common during Autumn and Winter with a maximum frequency in June.

For a full forecast of Lismore's weather for the week visit the Bureau of Meteorology.