The areas south of Ewingsdale Rd which an amended West Byron subdivision DA relates to.
The areas south of Ewingsdale Rd which an amended West Byron subdivision DA relates to.

WEST BYRON UPDATE: What’s happening with major DAs?

TWO proposals for major residential developments west of Byron Bay have been subject to proceedings before the Land and Environment Court.

The applications were met with significant community opposition and both were rejected by the Northern Regional Planning Panel.

But appeal proceedings relating to each have been going through the courts since then.

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A separate application was brought before the council by Site R & D.

This was subject to five days of hearings before the Land and Environment Court in November.

This developer had been proposing the creation of 127 residential lots, 25 super lots, two business lots and two industrial lots.

It proceeded to a hearing last month after a conciliation conference, held last year, was unsuccessful.

But Mr James said the hearing has not yet concluded, and it is not expected to be finalised until the new year.

“It wasn’t finished and it’s been adjourned,” he said.

The matter will be mentioned before the court on Thursday to secure a date to continue the hearing, Mr James said.

“We have to … do the ecological evidence and then when that ecological evidence is done there will need to be closing submissions from each side,” he said.

The commissioner will then take time to consider his judgment on the case.

“I don’t think we’re going to finish the evidence until February,” he said.

"HARVEST ESTATE": Queensland residential developer Villa World previously had an interest in the development proposal on Ewingdale Rd, west of Byron Bay. NSPT Pty Ltd has taken over all rights in the proposal.

The proposal for “Harvest Estate” was originally lodged by developers Villa World.

That company has sold its interests in the plans and NSPT Pty Ltd, the company of property tycoon Terry Agnew, now has a major interest in the proposal.

The DA was proposing a $25 million development involving 282 residential lots but amended plans were expected to be filed in August.

Byron Shire Council’s legal counsel, Ralph James, said this proposal had gone through a conciliation process in the Land and Environment Court.

Mr James said he was unable to go into detail about what occurred during this process.

“The conciliation conference was terminated but the parties are continuing to talk and information has been passed on to the LEC Commissioner, who is in the process of writing a judgment,” Mr James said.

Mr James said they hope to have an outcome in this matter “by the end of the year”.