WAVE RAVE: Meanwhile down on the beach.
WAVE RAVE: Meanwhile down on the beach. Contribute

WAVE RAVE: East swell keeps on coming

Hi Mates,

This east swell just keeps rolling into The Bay as well as the rest of The Shire with okay waves each day.

We have some more swell forecast to hit today or tomorrow that will see a few better waves inside Cape Byron but we may also have more east to north-east winds.

There has been plenty of motion in the ocean that has moved truckloads of sand from the corner of Clarkes Beach with more trees washed into the surf along Clarkes.

There are also plenty of exposed rocks under the waves so you must take care surfing there at the moment.

We have heaps of sand at all the other spots around The Shire so you just have to check the conditions out to see where the best banks are before you hit it.

OVER in Hawaii the crew have been charging Pipeline for the Volcom Pipe Pro on the North Shore.

As of going to press we were still waiting for Soli Bailey to charge into Round 4.

Check all the action at www.worldsurfleague.com where you can watch all the live action.

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Happy Days & Catch you in the Waves.