ACTION MAN: Danny Wills in action in 2016. Check out the work Danny is now doing for 4ASDKids.
ACTION MAN: Danny Wills in action in 2016. Check out the work Danny is now doing for 4ASDKids.

Wave Rave: Cooler weather and swell pulse

WE HAVE had the classic autumn weather in the shire for the past week with more cooler weather to come as well as a pulse in the swell from the south.

The whales are out there and great to see from the Lighthouse as always.

The water temp in the surf is still warm and crystal clear to make it even better to go surfing.

It was an amazing surfing event in Bali at Keramas last week with the Aussies' Stephanie Gilmore ripping into First Place over Sally Fitsgibbons and Japan's Kanoa Igarashi winning over Jeremy Flores from Reunion Island in some awesome waves.

As of press time we have seen the start of the Men's CT #4 on at Margaret River Pro in Western Australia with a new swell inbound at Margret River anytime now.

Locally we had the New Brighton Board Riders held its third contest for the year during May.

Conditions were again super fun with clean, offshore winds and a nice 2-3ft swell. It was a great turn out of all age groups from under 10's to Masters.

Final Results: Under 10 Boys: 1st Teo Martin, 2nd Rocco Davidson, equal 3rd Archi McVeigh and Billy Russo, equal 4th Taylor Simpson and Sunny Waters.

Under 10 Girls: 1st Tully Harper, 2nd Madison Harper, 3rd Kamaile Simpson, 4th Alana Underwood.

Under 14 Boys: 1st Oska Martin, 2nd Samadhi Hoerstmann, Equal 3rd Leon Weir and Archer McCallum, 4th Clancy Halloran.

Under 14 Girls; 1st Skye Waters, 2nd Laila Davidson, 3rd Zami Mack.

Under 18 Boys: 1st Lior Dadon, 2nd Miles Weir, 3rd Raife Quinn, 4th Grayson Barnard.

Female Opens: 1st Barb Underwood, 2nd Tanya Smith, 3rd Ruby Waters,

Men's Open: 1st Dave Ando Anderson, 2nd Dave Lucas, 3rd Al Leys, 4th Pete Rogers.

Men's Masters: 1st Corey Strickland, 2nd Matt Underwood, 3rd Chris Harper, 4th Toby Sandison.

Byron Bays' Danny Wills is still in training for the massive Maxing Out Challenge which is a major fund raising event for 4ASDKids.