MERCY ME: Homophobia is not religious freedom
MERCY ME: Homophobia is not religious freedom Contributed

Wasting time tackling Folau

PEOPLE can be cruel, callous, unfair, unthinking, hypocritical, intolerant and just plain mean, often all at the same time.

Christian evangelicals and fundamentalist of all stripes can be particularly so when they take it upon themselves to step outside their faith communities and give the rest of the world a piece of their tiny little minds.

Which brings us to our multi-millionaire footballing friend.

I am always amazed we take any notice at all of sports people. Many have spent their whole lives being worshipped because they can kick or hit or catch a ball and have been cosseted away from reality as the rest of us live it. It's a bit like paying attention to anti-vaxxer actresses.

Chuck in some evangelical beliefs and a misbegotten idea that your opinion counts and you get Israel's telling LGBTQI people they are bound for hell.

When he gets fired for breaching his contract, he hits social media asking for $3million saying he is in "the fight of his life”.

But sense has prevailed and GoFundme has pulled the page.

So they keep the $750K donated already right? And distribute it to families who actually are in the "fight of their lives” or support services for at risk LGBTQI teenagers. That's the Christian thing to do isn't it?

See the error of your ways and make amends, repent if you will. Right Israel?