Federal Nationals Leader Warren Truss
Federal Nationals Leader Warren Truss Sharyn O'Neill

Truss wants Road Users Charge halved

FEDERAL Nationals Leader Warren Truss has called on Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese to halve the Road Users Charge set to be imposed on truck drivers from July 1.

Speaking at the National's conference at Bowral on the weekend, Mr Truss said the combination of the 10.4% RUC increase and the controversial carbon tax would have a significant impact on the trucking industry.

He said he had written a letter to Mr Albanese asking him to cut the increase to 5.7%.

A spokesman for Mr Albanese said Mr Truss had no right to balk at the charges.

He said the Federal Government was simply following guidelines set by the previous government and if Mr Truss did not like the system, he should have voted against it or proposed changes when he was the Federal Transport Minister.

Cowper MP Luke Hartsuycker backed Mr Truss' calls.

"It is clear that the statistical data used to determine the increase is out of date which is why the trucking industry is up in arms about the size of the increase," Mr Hartsuycker said.

"The Coalition's proposal strikes the balance between ensuring truckies pay an acceptable charge without threatening the viability of many operators.

"Despite denials by the government, the carbon tax will increase the cost of fuel and on top of that truckies will be facing this massive increase in the RUC."