There has been major erosion at Byron Bay over the last few days.
There has been major erosion at Byron Bay over the last few days.

WARNING: Dunes in danger of collapse due to erosion

THE public has been warned to keep off sand dunes at Byron Bay over fears high tides could leave them vulnerable to collapse.

Byron Shire Council has asked people to keep off the dunes at Clarkes Beach this week, and for the foreseeable future, as higher than normal tides resulting from Tuesday's full moon were likely to cause more erosion and make the dunes vulnerable to further collapse.

The council was continuing to monitor the situation and was assessing the risks posed by the steep and unstable dune escarpment on public safety.



"The swell over the weekend and high tides have resulted in further erosion and we've lost more large trees from Clarkes Beach, with more undercutting of beach access ways and loss of the dune," the council's Coastal and Biodiversity co-ordinator, Chloe Dowsett said.

"If people continue to access the beach through areas that are closed, it creates further problems and makes the recovery effort harder," she said.

"The good news is that good beach building coastal processes have commenced this week with smaller swell from the south and decreasing tides," Ms Dowsett said.

"But the rebuilding process will take time and most beach access ways to Clarkes Beach will remain closed until further notice," she said.

The council staff will be continuing their clean-up of debris on Clarkes Beach this week and will make safe access ways if and where possible.