Vodafone conducts major upgrade

VODAFONE have responded to mass criticism of its services with a major network upgrade for Northern NSW.

In July, Vodafone engineers installed new mobile network equipment at 19 existing stations in parts of the region and are now travelling the area in cars covered in mobile handsets linked to laptops that measure the network’s performance.

Vodafone general manager of networks Peter Ryan said the upgrade would deliver improved call quality and provide more reliable mobile broadband connections.

“We have listened to our customer’s feedback and have focused on improving the network as our highest priority,” Mr Ryan said.

“We have completed the equipment upgrade in the area and will spend the next four to six weeks drive-testing and tuning the network in the area to optimise performance and deliver a better customer experience of the network.”

Mr Ryan said he had received positive feedback from his engineers testing the network and was happy with the progress so far.

Further improvements to the Vodafone network in parts of Northern NSW are set to continue in the area in the coming months with Vodafone planning to introduce 850MHz network sites in the area by mid 2012.