Vodafone losing customers fast

CUSTOMER growth at Telstra is slowing after it picked up nearly a million customers in the final three months of last year, while Vodafone said that earlier this year it was losing nearly 100,000 customers a month.

Vodafone's churn rate, the pace at which customers leave a company, peaked in February at just over 2 per cent for post-paid customers - those on contract - but it was falling to more common levels of about 1.8 per cent, the chief executive, Nigel Dews, said yesterday.

In customer numbers, that means about 90,900 post-paid customers left Vodafone in February for other mobile providers, when its reputation for customer and network services were at a nadir.

Mr Dews said complaint levels had declined to the same level as in November, which was before dissatisfied customers launched a class action against the company.

"All metrics are improving and we're really well and truly into the recovery phase from a performance point of view," he said.

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