VIDEO: Cockroaches flee infested Toowoomba home

THE skin-crawling moment dozens of cockroaches fled from an infested Toowoomba home has been caught on camera.

The video shows cockroaches crawling around the outside of a brick home in a desperate attempt to escape after the home was treated with fumigation.

Pete Bush from Petes Pest Control Toowoomba said cockroaches were a problem in Toowoomba homes all year round.

He said general cleanliness was the best way to avoid the pests.

The insects sometimes live in wall cavities but also like garden mulch.



Mr Bush said although some people tried to rid themselves of cockroaches, when the problem was bad enough only a licenced pest control worker could rid a home of the pests.

He said a customer in Toowoomba had begun to notice the odd cockroach inside their home.

"This video was taken around 15 minutes after we treated the wall voids through the weep holes of the home as a part of our standard treatment."