Victim said he didn't want to fight before king hit: witness

Craig Field. Pictured leaving The Lismore Court.
Craig Field. Pictured leaving The Lismore Court.

A KING hit to Kelvin Kane's temple, allegedly delivered by former NRL star Craig Field, led to the Tweed cattle farmer's death, Lismore Local Court has heard.

"I saw him (Field) punch Kelvin once in the temple," Field's solicitor James Fuggle read from Lyn Burgher's witness statement.

Ms Burgher was in the witness box for about four hours on the second day of the committal hearing of Field, 40, and his co-accused 42-year-old Shaun Fathers.

She told the court she was at the Kingscliff Beach hotel with Mr Kane "for a drink" and consumed six schooners of Blonde beer in six hours before the incident.

During that time Ms Burgher said she had a conversation with Fathers who said: "You're nothing but a slut," and Field, who said: "I know you don't like me."

She referred to Fathers by his nickname "Feathers".

I saw one quick left hook - it was like lightning - and I saw a man go down and he never got up again

She said after her friend Mark Frost was asked to leave the hotel, a scuffle between Fathers and Mr Kane started in the hotel carpark.

"Kelvin was facing myself and Feathers was in between Kelvin and I," she said.

Ms Burgher told the court Mr Kane said he did not want to fight.

"Listen mate, I don't want to fight you, I don't even know who you are," she said Mr Kane had told Fathers.

Ms Burgher said the altercation then moved and she saw Field come around behind her towards Mr Kane before the punch was thrown.

"Kelvin was looking at Feathers and didn't see it coming," she said.

"It (the punch) was fast, yes, but I couldn't put a time on it."

News Limited reported that during evidence given on Wednesday, a witness described a punch "like light-ning".

"I saw one quick left hook - it was like lightning - and I saw a man go down and he never got up again," said witness Marie Hamilton.

Police allege Field threw the fatal punch but conspired with Fathers before the fight.

Mr Kane, 50, suffered massive head injuries when he fell to the ground after the alleged king hit.

He died the next day in Tweed Heads hospital after his family decided to turn off life support.

Seven witnesses are expected to give evidence as the hearing continues today.