Woman's 'utterly gross' find in shower. Picture: Facebook / Mums Who Clean
Woman's 'utterly gross' find in shower. Picture: Facebook / Mums Who Clean

‘Utterly gross’: Revolting shower discovery

WARNING: Gross picture below

We've been cleaning more than ever recently as we spend more time in our homes - but one woman has made a truly disgusting discovery after cleaning out her shower recently.

The Aussie woman shared a snap of her revolting find in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, shocking many and receiving over 1500 comments.

"I've had three plumbers come out over the past 18 months as my shower drain kept coming back up, all said it was clear," she wrote.

"Today I put a bottle brush down said drain and retrieved this."

Alongside the post was a huge clump of matted hair that many declared was "too much to stomach".

"Eww that's so gross," one said, while another branded the discovery "yuck".

"Gross, I don't think I have the stomach for that today," another said.

"I can smell it from here," someone else wrote.

"Wow OMG I almost threw up seeing that," another said - while one described her find as "satisfying as heck".

Another simply said: "That is utterly disgusting".

Woman's 'utterly gross' find in shower. Picture: Facebook / Mums Who Clean
Woman's 'utterly gross' find in shower. Picture: Facebook / Mums Who Clean

Drains are easily blocked by a build up of hair with the tangled mess being one of the most common reasons plumbers are called.

A cheaper alternative to assistance from an expert is to try pouring a baking soda and white vinegar mixture down the clogged drain using hot water.

Measure one cup of baking soda and pour it down the affected pipe followed by one cup of vinegar. Leave it to fizz for five minutes before flushing the mixture with hot water. You can repeat this until the blockage is cleared.

Other users on the post shared some of their own favourite remedies, including buying a special cover to prevent hair from being sucked down and several cleaning products.

"Highly recommend Mo Flo drain cleaner," one said. "Pour in and stand back! Will eat anything and everything."

"Should try Draino, it works on mine when it's blocked," someone else suggested.

"Put a cover on the drain that will stop the hair going down. That's what I did when I had international students at my home for 12 years, no problems at all with hair in the drain," another said.

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Hair clogging showers is a common problem. Picture: iStock
Hair clogging showers is a common problem. Picture: iStock

Another woman went viral after sharing her shower cleaning solution recently that saves you scrubbing away.

Jeannie @alittleaboutalot revealed she keeps her shower clean by always having a dish scrubber with a soap dispenser on her shelf unit along with her toiletries.

"I wanted to show you guys a shower and bath hack that I actually shared on YouTube probably like 10 years ago have one of these in each of our showers and baths," Jeannie shared in a TikTok video that has since been viewed more than 365,000 times.



"I leave it right in here and after I'm done taking a shower I clean the shower, so there's no deep-cleaning shower days."

Jeannie fills the brush's soap dispenser up with half vinegar and half dishwashing detergent and runs it over the shower or bath, then rinses it off.

As Australia continues to battle the spread of the potentially deadly coronavirus, showering regularly has previously been labelled a good way to fight it.

Infectious diseases expert and Griffith University Professor Nigel McMillan told news.com.au it wasn't necessary to shower every time you came home after being out in public - regular hand washing and daily showers were sufficient - but doing so "wasn't wrong".

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