Sunrise at Boreen Point.
Sunrise at Boreen Point.

Using imagery in your online marketing makes a difference

LET'S face it. We all love a pretty picture and there is of course the old adage, a picture paints a thousand words. 

Statistics have proven that people are actually 40% more likely to notice and click on your social media post if you utilise an eye catching image or video on your social media activities.

In recent times the social networks Instagram and Pinterest have grown significantly, and if you have a visual product, which many businesses do and don't even realize, you should actually be looking into utilising these networks.

Visual products could be anything from a meal from your restaurant, property in your real estate listings, a view from your hotel room or the more obvious ones such as jewellery, fashion, household, home wares, etc.

With this in mind, it is good to get into the practice of posting images with any new blog post/articles on your website, and including share buttons as it allows people to effectively viralise your content, along with images which will increase the chances of your content being seen.

Another technique, apart from utilising a good image and including images and share buttons on any given web page, is the use of hashtags. Hashtags aggregate information, so if you are getting into using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (which all use hashtags) if you post an image with a status updates, it's also important to include hashtags relevant to the image or the nature of the content.

Some tools can help you identify what appropriate hashtags might be to go with your image. For instance, on Instagram, there's a great app called 'Tags for Likes'. Simply open the app prior to posting, find a category, copy suggested hashtags, delete the ones which are the least relevant, and leave a handful (say three to five) on the post, which will enhance the chance of your post and its image being seen.

Another way to get your visual collateral seen is on Pinterest is by encouraging others to pin on your boards and share your pins. To do this you must follow at least one board by the user you want to add. To put it in place go to the board that you want the other user to contribute to, click the Edit button in the top-right, Choose the Me+Contributors setting and type the username into the text field until you see a match appear. Click their name and then click the Add button then click the Save Board Settings button when you are done.

For instance, on the Creative Collective, we have invited our social media specialist, Zoe Wyatt, and our Newcastle office, to pin to our latest work board so we can all share the great work we are all putting out.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas in terms of how to use images on some of the emerging networks and why every post you make on social media, you should really make an effort to find a suitable image, royalty and copyright-free, of course.


The Creative Collective director Yvette Adams.
The Creative Collective director Yvette Adams.

By Yvette Adams.



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