Back view of elementary students raising their arms on a class.
Back view of elementary students raising their arms on a class.

Tutors in high demand as kids pulled out of schools

IN A chaotic time for most businesses, tutors across the Northern Rivers are experiencing an upturn in demand following parent's pulling children out of school following government advice.

While many tutors, such as Lismore Tutoring and Hunter Mobile Tutoring, have had to adapt their services to meet new COVID-19 measures, that hasn't stopped demand for tutors with requests predicted to skyrocket in weeks to come.

"I have had a slight increase through word of mouth reviews," Linda Banbury, owner of Lismore Tutoring, said.

"I do think we will get a spike in inquiries if school doesn't resume as anticipated and parents start to find it difficult to assist their children to complete class work and assignments.

Kathleen Westbury of Hunter Mobile Tutoring said they were "hoping for the best but preparing for the worst".

The move online has proved beneficial for tutors as they have been able to offer their services across a wider region.

"We are in the process of halting all face-to-face tutoring sessions and moving them online (and many of our students have already made the change to the new system).

"This has the benefit of keeping everyone safer and also expands the pool of tutors we have available for students," Mrs Westbury said.

"It works quite well, it's a good connection and it's high definition, it's almost as good as being face-to-face, I don't see any limitations from it," Mrs Banbury said.

Hunter Mobile Tutoring can be accessed via their website while Lismore Tutoring can be reached at