A TRUCKIE showed just how skilled a driver he was when he avoided a serious crash after a car driver cut in front of him at the last minute.

Driver Bradley Semler, who was on his way out of Melbourne to pick up a delivery to take to Adelaide shared dash cam footage he took earlier in the week on a busy Melbourne highway of the incident with Big Rigs and praised the actions of the tipper driver.

The footage shows a black car travelling along the Westgate Freeway to the Western /Metropolitan Ring Road along in front of Bradley, who then suddenly cut in front of a tipper driver.

The tipper driver reacted quickly, immediately locking up the truck, avoiding smashing into the car or others around him.

"I saw the tipper change lanes and then the next thing I knew the car driver decided he wanted to be in the same lane," Bradley said.

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"I reckon he (the tipper driver) did a hell of a job, he was popping ends to not hit the car driver and not hit me."

Bradley posted the video to the Truck Dash-Cam Australia, where some social media users said the blame shouldn't be squarely on the car driver as the tipper had also merged into that lane moments before.

A still from Bradley Semler's dashcam video.
A still from Bradley Semler's dashcam video.

But Bradley said the tipper driver did nothing wrong.

"The bloke in the truck behind him flashed him to let him know it was okay to get over, so he did, and then the car driver decided he needed to be in the same lane," he said.

Bradley said he'd seen his fair share of "stupid drivers before" but hadn't seen anything to that extent in a while.

"I haven't seen one that bad, he had smoke off his tyres, but you see close ones like that all the time."  

The car driver continued his journey, but Bradley said he was not sure whether he was aware of the chaos he'd caused behind him.

"I don't know if the driver had any time to get on the horn or not," he said.