Tradition dying on the cards?

OKAY, so there are still a few days left for the postie to deliver the goods but as it stands, I have not received one Christmas card this year.

Admittedly I haven't actually sent out any Christmas cards either. But that's not to say I don't miss them. Are traditional Christmas cards dying out?

I think many of us are just too busy (or no longer inclined) to send them these days.

Life is pretty hectic and it's enough of a challenge to get the Christmas shopping done, plan the festivities, wrap the presents, etc, without having to sit down and write out a multitude of cards.

Some of us choose to send out a generic Christmas greeting on social media. Nice, but it's not that personal. I've noticed some of my friends this year are announcing they are giving money to their chosen charity instead of sending cards, which is a great idea indeed.

Even so, I miss hanging Christmas cards up one by one as they'd arrive in the mail.

It was a pleasure to look at them strung up among the tinsel and be reminded of the friends and family who sent them.

It may be better for the environment but I think our busyness and social media have robbed us of something special.

Jen Gourley