Tracking collars for Fraser Island's most aggressive dingoes

TRACKING collars may be fitted to "high-risk" Fraser Island dingoes in an effort to monitor their movements.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is considering fitting the collars to dingoes that have shown aggressive behaviour in the past.

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokesman said managing dingo conservation and visitor safety on the island included a range of intervention techniques and the use of tracking and high-visibility collars.

The collars would also allow people to "more easily recognise such animals".

"No collars have been fitted to dingoes to date, but QPWS is considering trialling these in the near future," the spokesman said.

Save Fraser Island Dingoes wildlife advisor Ray Revill said the tracking collars had been tried before and had not worked.

"There's no benefit to fitting a collar - it only tells them the dog's movement," he said.

The QPWS spokesman said this was not related to a 2011 project where dingoes were fitted with satellite tracking collars.