RUNNING: The slightly better than average Kate McDowell, Mark Swivel and Belinda Kinkead.
RUNNING: The slightly better than average Kate McDowell, Mark Swivel and Belinda Kinkead. J Miller Photography

Together we can make Australia slightly better than average

IT COULD be argued that with its promise to the electorate being "Making Australia Slightly Better Than Average”, the newly formed Together Party is streets ahead, in terms of ambition and honesty, than most other political parties doing the rounds ahead of this month's federal election.

The Together Party senate candidates, comedian Mark Swivel, Kate McDowell and Belinda Kinkead are promising to do just that, and they have persuaded Byron Shire's favourite fake Russian Choir, Dustyesky, to get our collective political blood boiling at their official campaign launch from 4pm this Saturday at the Hotel Brunswick.

Aside from being the MC of Dustyesky, Mark Swivel is a lawyer by day, running a community clinic called Barefoot Law.

Swivel and running mates Belinda Kinkead, an engineer and climate expert, and Kate McDowell, a writer and performer, know that we live in interesting times, where television personalities can easily pass from the realm of reality TV to high political office where they wield real power.

The Together Party applauds the recent election of comedian Volodymyr Zelensky as President of the Ukraine.

Like Zelensky, Swivel is deadly serious about politics.

"Zelensky is terrific, he's a regular guy who wants to fix a broken political system, and that's where I am coming from,” Swivel said.

"Canberra is a toxic mess disconnected from what people want most - gutsy government and a fairer deal for ordinary people.”

Belinda Kinkead is director of peer-to-peer energy trading specialists LO3 Energy and has worked with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

"Good people right across Australia feel disillusioned with the major political parties and the tone of political discourse,” she said.

"We want leaders who can debate big ideas, have real discussions and respectfully disagree with one another. They want leadership and vision.”

Swivel and Dustyesky will kick off the politicking Russian style at 4pm.

"Bring the kids and have fun, The Dustys and surprise guests will be at your service,” he said.

"And there will be a pub quiz and raffles.”

Go to: www.thetogether for more information.