The Cat Empire will be playing at Byron Bay Bluesfest next year.
The Cat Empire will be playing at Byron Bay Bluesfest next year.

The Cat Empire also plays sad music

THE Cat Empire's music is an invitation to dance, a party-starter mix of ska, jazz and gypsy sounds that shares the joy de vivre like no other band, right?

Well, not in Europe.

Particularly not in Transylvania, where they recently performed at the Electric Castle Festival in the Romanian region of Transylvania as part of their latest tour.

Over in the old continent, they like their Cat Empire's music melancholic and, who knew? the band is good at that too.

Frontman Felix Riebl explained they were invited to the summer Transylvanian festival because one of their songs hit the charts in Romania.

"They fell in love (in Romania) with a very quiet song called The Lost Song, in particular a rare version of this song that was on a DVD. For some reason they really love it," he said.

"The first time we went to Romania they told us there is a beach there where they that song every second morning at sunrise.

"It's a very quiet song with a big following in Romania".

Riebl said the Romanian experience may inspire him to write some more subtle songs.

"If anything, it will inspire me to write more lamenting songs," he said.

The singer acknowledged he is more comfortable performing quiet songs that their regular upbeat tunes.

"I am actually a quiet singer, I feel more naturally when I am singing quietly," he said.

The musician said the actual place where the festival was held was also memorable for the band.

"Driving into the castle It was a bizarre was like being into a time warp. There were very narrow roads and old buildings," he said.

"The castle itself was kind of crumbling and we played to a big audience in an open square.

"I remember doing interviews before the show and the Romanian press asked us the most bizarre questions.

"That location is one most memorable place from the last tour. It's one for the books".

At Bluesfest 2016. For details visit the festival's website.