BODY OF EVIDENCE: Passed out and made fun of.
BODY OF EVIDENCE: Passed out and made fun of. CONTRIBUTED

Schoolies fail the 'moral test'

SCHOOLIES posting degrading photos of themselves and others on social media have lost the moral value to be wise and own their own behaviours and consequences, a clinical psychologist says.

Thousands of schoolies partying it up on the Gold Coast are posting hundreds of photos to popular Facebook pages dedicated to showing off wild and raunchy antics.

Two in particular, 2013 Schoolies Embarrassing Moments and 2013 Schoolies Fails, have clocked up more than 131,300 and 94,250 fans respectively.

Both show plenty of uncensored photos of teenagers passed out, covered in vomit, naked, balcony hopping and more.

Family Challenge Psychology Clinic clincal psychologist Francesca Finelli said schoolies posting degrading pictures online may reflect a lack of respect for themselves and others.

"Modern society doesn't really encourage forward thinking about consequences," Ms Finelli said.

"It's a moral value that's been lost through years to teach kids to be wise and own their behaviours and consequences.''

Ms Finelli said those posting degrading pictures to Facebook could be seeking popularity and approval from peers.

An image posted on a Schoolies Facebook page.

"It's considered to be an endorsed behaviour and something that gains you a sense of kudos," she said.

Scripture Union Queensland, which is hosting schoolies events on the Sunshine Coast, said they were a schoolies party without the regret.

Participants can choose activities ranging from hanging at the beach and shopping to go-karting and horse riding.

"It's a positive event, a drug and alcohol-free opportunity to still have a great time," SU Queensland district co-ordinator Steve Kilah said.

"There are a lot of activities. There's a party opportunity for them but in a safe environment.''

Mr Kilah said unflattering photos on Facebook could lead to regret.