Honey Badger appears on The Project.
Honey Badger appears on The Project.

Honey Badger’s surprising love admission

NICK "Honey Badger" Cummins isn't the man we think he is.

The 30-year-old blokey, former Wallaby is famous for his thick Aussie twang, use of rhyming slang and penchant for unusually poetic sayings. He's made a name for himself as a larrikin and a ratbag. But there's a side we didn't know about - and he showed it during a surprising interview on The Project.

Following the announcement Cummins will star as The Bachelor in the upcoming Channel Ten series, the giggling hosts of The Project asked Cummins about his love life during Thursday night's cross. And he surprised them all with a philosophical answer.

"They say you get three loves in life. My first one, you know, probably cuts pretty deep. You're not really sure if it's infatuation or not. And the second one - you know, it may be love. But maybe you don't understand, 'cause you're still young and inexperienced at the timings and both your lives haven't really hit the right connection, the right point," he said. "So I suppose the third one - which - who knows, I could actually find - could be this one, where I've realised it's not infatuation, the timings of both of our lives have come to this point, and now we've connected and, hopefully, pressed forward into a happy future."

Dressed in a maroon shirt, Cummins appeared more thoughtful and toned down during the cross as opposed to the larrikin footballer whose bizarre post-game interviews gained international attention.

During the interview, host Waleed Aly pointed out the big risk Cummins will face as The Badge-elor.

"How are the girls going to understand what you're saying?" a perplexed Aly asked.

"Yeah, look, mate - that's the television thing. I mean, I can throw a few things out there, gasbag and, you know, chinwags and yarns and spin-offs and, you know, all those fun things," Cummins said. "But when you get that confused look as if [to say], 'Are you a weirdo,' That's when you know you've got to rein that in and start talking English again."

Honey Badger surprises the desk with his thoughts on love.
Honey Badger surprises the desk with his thoughts on love.

After days of speculation, Channel Ten confirmed on Wednesday night Cummins would appear on the series, which is expected to premiere in late July. It's the second time the network has used a celebrity in the gig. Cummins' turn follows on from Sophie Monk's appearance as The Bachelorette last year.

Monk's status reinvigorated the franchise for Ten, with her casting breaking the record for the highest rating launch of any edition of The Bachelorette Australia or The Bachelor Australia.

The premiere of the former Bardot singer's season of Ten's dating show averaged 952,000 viewers across the five capital cities last night.

Will the Honey Badger have similar success?

We think he'll go off like a bag of cats. Did we use that saying right?

Cummins is prepared to tone it down as The Bachelor.
Cummins is prepared to tone it down as The Bachelor.