Give me a chance: Guilio's tough life with ADHD

GIULIO Samele is a prisoner in his own home.

But it's his decision.

The 42-year-old has ADHD and has vowed not to leave his Wurtulla home for fear he may harm someone.

He was brought before the Maroochydore Magistrates Court this week after a "meltdown" at a butcher shop.

The Giulio Samele I met is a tortured soul who simply needs two things: help and understanding.

His problems began when he was a boy.

His father, he told me, would take him by the hand into the local hardware store, into the timber section, and test the "whip" of pieces of cane or wood.

Giulio knew what would await him at home.

He was once flogged black and blue before a school sports carnival.

The teachers, suspicious about why he was wearing a jumper and tracksuit pants, ordered him to uncover.

What they saw left two of them in tears.

He was made a ward of the state but fell by the wayside in the system and ended up on the streets.

He had already overdosed four times by the age of 12 or 13, and was in prison by 17. There have been other suicide attempts. Other prison sentences.

But he has tried hard to stay out of jail since he got out in 2008.

He does not look for trouble. He is a pleasant man to talk to. But small things can make him snap, and he spirals out of control.

He struggles without anyone to help him. His mother was shot dead by his brother and he has lost touch with the rest of the family while in and out of institutions.

He wishes there was some sort of medication or counselling that could help him.

And he wishes people could understand that he does not want to be the way he sometimes is.

He thanked me for approaching him outside the courtroom. He thanked me for coming to his house to see him.

"Nobody else wanted to know," he said.

That, I found as sad as everything else he has been through.