Australian singer songwriter Jarryd James.
Australian singer songwriter Jarryd James.

Jarryd James talks debut album, Falls Festival appearance

BRISBANE'S Jarryd James is coming back to North Byron Parklands for Falls Festival 2015-16.

The singer songwriter has cemented his music career with last month's release of Thirty One, his debut album.

Are you still surprised by your success?

Yeah, man. It's not something I expected to happen this year.

Twelve months ago I was just working and making a little bit of music, and before that, about two years ago, I gave up on music altogether.

Why did you give up?

I just got really over it. I had been trying for about then years and it's so hard in this country to have a sustainable music career in Australia.

I couldn't do it anymore.

What did you do then?

I worked in residential care and I looked after young people with extreme needs. Mostly teenage boys from crazy family situations who had been subject to a lot of abuse and trauma.

Some of their parents were in prison and others had seen their parents being murdered.

What was your big music breakthrough?

I put my first single, Do You Remember, up online on Soundcloud in January and there was no agenda. In my brain I thought, "Let's see if people even like this at all."

Then it snowballed from there and I haven't even had a chance to think much about it.

How was it to play Splendour this year?

That was pretty overwhelming. You can't really anticipate what is going to happen. I had no idea if anyone would even come to my set, and then when I went on stage I couldn't see the end of the crowd.

It was so overwhelming.

My brain didn't know how to process it.

I finished performing and then I went back to my trailer.

I just sat there on the floor for about two hours.

At North Byron Parklands at part of Falls Festival Byron Bay, December 31 to January 3. For details visit