Nerida Skeen was imprisoned after biting a police officer's arm
Nerida Skeen was imprisoned after biting a police officer's arm Facebook

Teen who attacked police officer ripped flesh with teeth

AN 18-YEAR-OLD "acted like a dog" when she took a chunk out of a police officer's arm.

Nerida Rose Skeen pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Friday to one count each of public nuisance, serious assault of a police officer and two counts of obstructing police.

The court heard on April 1 at 6.25am a female senior police sergeant was walking from her car to the Rockhampton police station when she saw Skeen and another girl yelling at each other on Cameron's Corner.

The officer told the defendant, who was 17 at the time, to stop swearing, but the situation escalated and Skeen began punching another female.

After she was put under arrest Skeen punched the officer in the face, pulled her hair and threw her glasses on the ground.

While being walked to the police station Skeen bit the officer's arm, breaking the skin and drawing blood.

When two Constables came to assist, Skeen continued to resist arrest, locking her arms and struggling.

The victim officer was left with a bloody nose and her skin was visible through her uniform from the bite.

Police prosecutor Sargent Kathryn Stafford said Skeen "acted like a dog", describing her actions as "disgusting".

Skeen's defence lawyer Shayne Studdert took objection to his client being described as a "dog", but Ms Stafford was adamant she was referring to her actions only.

Mr Studdert told the court Skeen had issues with alcohol and cannabis and admitted she "reacted way over the top".

Skeen, who has no significant criminal history, was sentenced to three months imprisonment for assaulting the officer with parole set for November 27.

She was also fined $300 each for public nuisance and one count of obstructing police and $200 for the second obstruction charge.