Hamish Bidgood. Source: Facebook
Hamish Bidgood. Source: Facebook

Chilling snapchat before Schoolies death

UPDATE: The Sydney teenager who fell to his death from a Gold Coast balcony in the early hours of Thursday morning had reportedly been ingesting nitrous oxide before he died.

The teen, identified as Hamish Bidgood, was a student at Turramurra High School and formerly played cricket at Berowra, both on Sydney's upper north shore.

He was found dead next to the swimming pool at the Surf Regency Holiday Apartments in Surfers Paradise after a night out celebrating the end of high school with his friends.

Queensland Police were called to the high-rise apartment building on Laycock Street about 5am following reports a body was motionless on a grassed area.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph and the Gold Coast Bulletin, police sources said they believed the teen had been ingesting nitrous oxide after a night of drinking.

Earlier in the evening, the 18-year-old had been filmed by his friends in a chilling Snapchat video.

"This is the beginning of the end for Hamish Bidgood," one friend joked in the footage posted to the Snapchat stories platform.

The video, which has since been deleted, showed Mr Bidgood partying with his mates on Wednesday night, dressed in a white T-shirt.

Surf Regency apartments, where the teen’s body was found.
Surf Regency apartments, where the teen’s body was found.

EARLIER: An 18-year-old man who had travelled to Queensland with friends to celebrate with other school leavers was found dead in non-suspicious circumstances.

Queensland Police were called to the Surf Regency apartment building on Laycock Street at Surfers Paradise about 5am today following reports of a man's body.

A Queensland Police spokesman told news.com.au the death was not being treated as suspicious nor an accident.

Witnesses told the Gold Coast Bulletin that paramedics worked desperately to save the young man's life without success.

It's believed the teen was a recent graduate of Turramurra High School on Sydney's upper north shore.

A toxicology report will be carried out but fellow school leavers said the teen was sniffing nitrous oxide on a balcony shortly before his death.

The colourless gas is commonly used for sedation and pain relief, but is also used as a party substance by people to feel high.

The small canisters of ­nitrous oxide gas - also known as nangs, bulbs or laughing gas - are designed to be used for whipping cream and are easily available in corner stores.

When inhaled the gas can produce a sense of floating and distorted perception.

Another teenager, Isabelle Colman, died after falling from a balcony during Schoolies celebrations at Surfers' Paradise in 2012. The former Mt St Michael's College student fell to her death from the Chevron Renaissance complex.

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