LINKING PARENTS AND SCHOOLS: Melissa Bridson of Suffolk Park with her new School Stream app.
LINKING PARENTS AND SCHOOLS: Melissa Bridson of Suffolk Park with her new School Stream app.

App promises to do away with school notes getting lost

MOST parents can relate to the experience of failing to receive a newsletter or permission note from their child that has not made it from classroom to home.

However, this may be a thing of the past thanks to Melissa Bridson of Suffolk Park who has designed an app that says goodbye to the paper permission slip.

The School Stream app was created by Ms Bridson and allows schools to upload newsletters, permission slips and canteen menus that parents and students can access with a finger swipe.

"The app came out of my own frustrations with the communication process of passing papers from school to student to parent as the dilemma you could end up in, if you didn't get the note or the time of an event had changed, could be quite significant," Ms Bridson said.

"At times we had driven all the way from Suffolk Park to Lismore to find that an event was cancelled or the location had changed and we were late."

Ms Bridson said everything in life today had a "solid communication element" and with children at school five days a week, she saw the need to include instant communication for schools.

"Most of us have our phones on us almost all the time, so with updates able to be uploaded to School Stream in just two minutes it can make all the difference when you're running late for school on Monday morning."

The app is a "centralised system" that is available to schools at what Ms Bridson describes as a manageable cost.

She said the app meant schools could save money by cutting down on paper information.

The School Stream app is available for St Finbar's Primary School and various other schools in the Northern Rivers.

Schools can download a free trial from Parents can download the app free for iPhone (App Store) or Android (Play Store). It can also be accessed through a web browser.