Sydney man in webcam sex arrest

A SYDNEY man accused of posing as a teenage girl to lure boys into performing sex acts via webcam, before threatening to share the images, will face charges in the US.

Police arrested the 48-year-old at his home after a joint Australian investigation with the FBI.

Police allege he used fake social media accounts to pose as teenage girls and a teenage boy, and engaged boys in sexually explicit conversations.

He reportedly showed the boys a pornographic video of the woman he claimed to be and recorded the children performing sex acts.

He threatened to share the videos online and show them to their families and friends if they did not perform more sex acts and upload them to a website he created, authorities said.

He allegedly provided his victims with instructions about making the videos. He also told them they would be charged with child pornography offences if they went to the police.

One of the alleged victims was a 14-year-old boy from New York. He told his parents, who raised the alarm.