A Tweed teenager who urinated in public face court. Photo: File.
A Tweed teenager who urinated in public face court. Photo: File.

‘Suffered enough’: Magistrate not fussed about wee problem

A MAGISTRATE deemed a Tweed teenager who drunkenly peed on a building's door had suffered enough after his nose was broken while he was arrested.

Joesph Colin Capps, 19, appeared in Tweed Heads Local Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to behaving offensively in public and resisting a police officer.

The Bilambil teen and his friend, co-accused Mitchell Reisenweber, 20, attended a birthday party at the Tweed Ultima apartments on Stuart St in Tweed Heads on June 26.

The court heard the pair were intoxicated and had been drinking all day and coming and going from the apartment the party was in.

Just before midnight, Capps took a fire extinguisher from the foyer wall and set it off covering several cars with white powder before leaving it in the middle of the road. He returned a short time later and urinated at the front of the building.

Reisenweber kicked a glass security door which shattered.

Both boys ran from the scene when they were approached by police.

Reisenweber fell over and was arrested and Capps ran into an underground car park.

The officer following Capps in the dark thought Capps was going to attack him and punched him in the face multiple times.

Capps suffered a broken nose.

Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy said Capps had suffered enough when he dismissed the charge.

No conviction was recorded.

Reisenweber, from Terranorra, pleaded guilty to damaging property and received a 12 month community corrections order. No conviction was recorded.