A competitor in this year's Great Undie Run dresses to impress.
A competitor in this year's Great Undie Run dresses to impress.

Strip down to your underwear and joggers for Great Undie Run

RUNNING down the street in nothing but your knickers is usually frowned on.

But that will change at next year's Hervey Bay Multisports Festival when the Great Undie Run takes place.

The event will be held on May 3 and will start at the unusual time of 8pm.

The run was held this year as well but it wasn't widely publicised as organisers were testing the idea out.

Even so, about 80 competitors took part in the event and had a lot of fun, organiser Ron Acutt said.

Next year organisers are hoping for twice that number.

For competitors who don't feel comfortable about being so bare, undies can be worn over normal race wear.

Otherwise competitors can wear a comfortable set of pyjamas at next year's event if they want to be really modest.

Mr Acutt can't remember exactly how he came up with the idea.

"I must have had too much chocolate one afternoon," he said.

The event was held along the Esplanade from Torquay to Scarness this year but next year that will be reversed.

The late start time added an element of interest to the event and encouraged people from outside the area to arrive in the Fraser Coast on Friday and enjoy a whole weekend here.

The winners of the event won't be disappointed either, with the first male and first female across the finishing line winning the grand prize of a golden set of boxer shorts.

Last year, police sent out extra crews to monitor the event in case the competitors were harassed in any way.

But Mr Acutt said the public had seen the funny side of the event and the worst the competitors had experienced was a few honking horns from passing cars.

Cost of entry will be $5 if the competitor has entered another event at the sport festival or $15 if they just want to do the undie run.