CHANGING TIMES: Byron Councillor Paul Spooner.
CHANGING TIMES: Byron Councillor Paul Spooner. Sam Elley

Spooner's spray- Byron Shire needs to stop saying no

BYRON Shire Councillor Paul Spooner is calling for an end to what he calls 'Ostrich Politics' and is urging the community to back their elected councillors so they can effectively deal with developers and other levels of government.

"Byron Shire is changing and we need to change with the times.

"Looking back to a golden age of activism and saying "No" to any development is just engaging in 'Ostrich Politics'.

"The day of the 'ism' is dead.

"Much better we wake up to this before we hand over the family jewels to snake oil salesmen and north coast grifters.

"Stopping tourism developments may have saved a snail but it delivered a town of holiday lets on steroids increasingly devouring a community.

"Refusing to adequately plan for community infrastructure created a culture that tolerates crappy roads not out of place in the backwaters of a third world country.

"Focusing on the 'big picture' delivered us a big, shiny ding-a-ling.

"Arguing about bringing back a mythical train line has forced a bypass to be built through a wetland.

"Rather than once again gathering at the 'Barricades of Dissent' maybe its time to change tactics.

"What about backing in the elected council so it can effectively negotiate with other levels of government and developers from a position of strength and unity?

"Not exactly the 'Byron Way' but definitely preferable to the squabbling, rambling mess that the 'Byron Bubble' has recently descended into.

"As Pablo Casals observed on his 80th birthday, "The situation is hopeless. We must take the next step."

Cr. Paul Spooner

Byron Shire Council