What will the royal baby be called?


Will the newest member of the royal family have a traditional name, or will ultra-modern royals Meghan and Harry go for something more daring?

Prince Harry said today he and Meghan hadn't decided on a name, but they would let the world know what it was when they posed for pictures with the little boy in two days' time in a stage-managed media event.

That hasn't stopped speculation building though.

UK media outlets are reporting the leading names on the traditional side are James, Edward or Arthur. But there is precedent for a royal baby to be given an unusual name - Harry's cousin Peter Phillips and wife Autumn Phillips named their daughter Savannah in 2010.

Meghan's close friend Jessica Mulroney has twin boys, Brian and John and a daughter Ivy. those kids were pageboys and bridesmaid at Harry and Meghan's wedding last year.

In the US, the most popular name is Liam for a baby boy. In the UK, the most popular name for a boy is Oliver.

Meghan and Harry are now proud parents.
Meghan and Harry are now proud parents.

Given their son is seventh-in-line to the throne and won't be king, they have some freedom that their in-laws the Cambridges didn't have.

The odds from betting agency Ladbrokes updated today are:

-Albert 1/3

-Arthur 11/4

-Alexander 8/1

-James 10/1

-Phillip 12/1

-Louis 14/1

-Henry 16/1

-Frederick 20/1

-Thomas 20/1

-Edward 20/1

Royal protocol dictates the Queen has to be informed, but the couple is free to choose the name themselves.

Myka Meier, an etiquette expert, told The Sun we might see Meghan choosing a name that reflects her love of Africa or American roots, even if it's just a middle name.

"In the wedding she had several nods to her American heritage and I think we will see the same with the baby.

"I think we will see them playing with a middle name. I don't believe it will be one of Meghan's family's names.

"But I do believe it could be a name with a significant meaning. Maybe something symbolic of their travels together.

Ms Meier said: "They both have a love of Africa, maybe it could be something there, something that has meaning...Maybe they could have a middle name that is symbolic of their work that they do together, or a country they have visited or have a mutual love of."