Byron Bay Court House. Picture: Liana Boss
Byron Bay Court House. Picture: Liana Boss

‘Sovereign citizen’ fails to front court on driving charges

A "sovereign citizen", who was allegedly caught repeatedly driving while disqualified, has had a warrant issued for his arrest after he failed to appear before court.

Alistair Heath Larmour, 43, from Upper Main Arm, is facing charges of driving while disqualified and resisting police over an alleged incident on November 8 last year.

When he did not front Byron Bay Local Court on Monday he was convicted in his absence and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Police will allege Larmour - who was charged with disqualified driving on two prior occasions in October - had to be prised out of his vehicle after they pulled him over in Mullumbimby.

Police said in court documents Larmour was "a sovereign citizen and as such does not recognise any laws of NSW or Australia".

They said he is also "a recidivist speeding offender" who is currently also facing a charge of failing to comply with a Public Health Order.
He has pleaded not guilty to that charge, which arose from a protest held in Byron Bay in September.

In court documents, police said they believe Larmour "has no regard for the court disqualifying him" from driving.

Police pulled him over after recognising his vehicle on Stuart St, Mullumbimby about 5pm on November 8.

According to court documents, Larmour locked the doors of the vehicle and his female passenger began filming police on a mobile phone.

When police told Larmour they had activated their body-worn cameras, he said he "didn't understand that" and refused to answer questions or to wind down his window enough for police to conduct an RBT.

Larmour made a phone call before winding down his window slightly.

Then, police forced it down and managed to unlock and open his door.

He had to be manually unbuckled from his seat and prised from the vehicle, police said in court documents.