NSW Police performing RBT and drug testing.
NSW Police performing RBT and drug testing.

REVEALED: Shocking excuses used by drunk drivers

FROM helping out a mate to being called into work at late notice these were just two of the excuses given by people who faced a North Coast court last week after being busted for drink driving.

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According to one of the region's top cops, not every drink driver was caught leaving the pub.

Tweed Byron Police District Inspector Brendon Cullen said it was these poor choices that put lives at risk.

Detective Chief Inspector Brendon Cullen from the Tweed Byron Police Command. Photo: Scott Powick
Detective Chief Inspector Brendon Cullen from the Tweed Byron Police Command. Photo: Scott Powick

"The tragedies that unfold from taking that risk (drink driving) can be life changing," he said.

"(In regional Australia) the opportunity to take things like public transport are not as readily available but it is still not an excuse to put lives at risk.

"The reason we have these laws are to protect people."

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Insp Cullen said it was frustrating for police to continue to find people making the choice to get behind the wheel while drunk.

"You might get away with it 10 times, but the 11th time you may get caught and 12th time may kill some one," he said.

"We are in the business of protecting people and their lives … it's even worse when we have to attend a crash scene where someone has been injured or killed as a result of intoxicated driving. It's not good for police and its tragic for families."


1. Fishing trip gone wrong

A Vietnam veteran was almost three times over the legal limit when he was caught driving in his own street after a fishing trip.

But there was an unusual reason why police even pulled him over in the first place.


2. Tradie's two beer 'mistake'

A P-plater told the court it was a "mistake" and was "only driving around the corner" when he was pulled over.


3. Helping a mate

An apprentice carpenter thought he was doing his mate a favour by offering to drive the boat home after a day on the water, but it was a bad decision.


4. 'I'll be honest, I'm over the limit'

When a man left a pub after drinking heavily and got into his car, fellow patrons were quick to point him out to police.


5. Drunk, drug driver had two kids in car

A man with a disqualified licence was found to be driving with methamphetamine in his system while two children under three were in the car.


6. Accountant drank bottle of wine, three beers before driving

A Tweed Heads man blew 0.134 when police pulled him over for having two different number plates on his car.


7. Nurse and mum-of-two caught drink driving on way to work

A nurse who was called into work on her day off blew more than three times the alcohol limit.


8. Drink driver was fleeing 'very aggressive' man

A Tweed man trying to escape an aggressive situation was caught blowing 0.189 behind the wheel.