An anonymous Ocean Shores local tests the pothole for size.
An anonymous Ocean Shores local tests the pothole for size.

Good luck dodging this: Man-sized pothole at Ocean Shores

AND you thought the pot holes were big where you live.

Residents of Matong Dr, Ocean Shores awoke this morning to find a gaping hole had opened up in the middle of their road over-night.

The hole measures about 90cm long and 40cm wide and is at least two metres deep. But it could stretch on much deeper as it appears to turn the corner underground in soft clay.

And it doesn't look like it would take much for the hole to grow even bigger as the 3cm deep bitumen rim appears to be in a precarious state.

Local resident David Fairhurst could have easily driven into the chasm near the corner of Gilba Ave.

"I was driving up here and thought, 'not another pothole'", Mr Fairhurst said.

But as he got closer he realised he was dealing with something way more dangerous and raised the alarm.

Residents quickly fashioned a safety perimeter around it out of two wheelie bins and some rope.

They hold concerns that repairing it may result in having to tear up a large section of the no through road.

Byron Shire Council is investigating the cause of the road's collapse.