NOT MY KIDS: Simone Leslie has signed a petition against a Safe Schools Coalition campaign to teach children about sex.
NOT MY KIDS: Simone Leslie has signed a petition against a Safe Schools Coalition campaign to teach children about sex. Che Chapman

Primary school sex talk too much too soon for kids: Mum

MAROOCHY River mother Simone Leslie believes open discussions about accepting different types of sexuality don't need to happen in primary school.

The business owner and neurostrategist has signed a petition from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) calling for the Queensland Government to stop the roll out of the Safe Schools Coalition program in primary and secondary schools throughout the state.

It's the wording in the one of Safe Schools brochures, promoted online, that had the mum-of-three shocked and dismayed.

The brochure included a section called "Doing it" where the writer says "penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex and certainly not the 'ultimate' sex".

A Safe Sex Coalition spokesperson told the Daily yesterday this brochure had since been changed.

Do you support lessons in all sexualities in primary schools?

This poll ended on 27 August 2015.

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But ACL Queensland director Wendy Francis still had concerns about the program and its suitability for Queensland schools.

"It doesn't change it at all," Ms Francis said.

"I just do not understand how this program is allowed in our primary schools, or high schools for that matter.

Mrs Leslie said the campaign was exposing children to information "they are too young to handle"."It's not based on whether they are gay or heterosexual, it's sexual, they're minors, they're not of the age of consent, and it's not ok.

Safe Schools is a national coalition "dedicated to helping schools be safer and more inclusive for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, school staff and families".

It is expected the program will be "operating in all states and territories by mid-2015".

Other brochures include encouraging the use of gender-neutral pronouns such as "they" or "ze" and "ey" to not offend those with different sexualities.

The spokesperson said joining the Coalition was "free and voluntary".

"By signing up, schools commit to building a school that is free from homophobic and transphobic bullying, and is safe and inclusive for the whole school community."

Some of the programs, such as The OMG I'm Queer material, were designed for secondary school students.

"The program provides training and resources for teachers and other school staff who then implement inclusive practices and teaching activities within their own school," the spokesperson said.

"It is up to the school to decide which supports and resources are right for their school."

WHAT do you think? Should primary school children we taught about different types of sexuality? Should they be taught about sex at all? What should they be taught? Join our daily watercooler conversation today.

What you're saying on Facebook:

Sharon Millward: "The reality is there are more and more kids from same sex families. Children will notice and be curious. Why does it necessarily have to be about sex? Can't it be teaching children about the freedom to LOVE who you want."

Kristen Warner: "If you think that a primary-aged child isn't already exposed to different sexualities, your kidding yourself. They see it on tv and music videos etc. There is nothing wrong with that."

Stuart Everson: "No - what child needs to learn about sex?? No wonder more parents are choosing to homeschool. The State are merely grooming our children towards "children's sexual rights", a nice way of saying pedophilia."

Chris Tryhorn: "I learnt about sex in year 7 but modern day primary school kids are watching tv shows with sex and nudity on them and are using bad language that when i was a kid i would of been flogged for using and im only 25."

Jaime Kennedy: "Families come in all shapes & sizes. Surely our children - & grandchildren! - see this every day at school. Why not discuss it there too..."

Sarah Bartel: "This is Australia. Where it's illegal still to marry the same sex. So hold your horses. My kids won't be taught same sex relationships in a government school until the government recognises it themselves. Can we all stop thinking we are America. I hope that one day it will become reality. Might I add that I wasn't taught in school about relationships of any kind, I was taught about my own body and a boys body and what our reproductive organs create. Home was for the other stuff."

Netty Clark: "Their PRIMARY school kids why on earth would u teach them about sex! Disgusting I think. And even a year 7 student oh come on their fresh into high school. Children are at school to learn not learn about SEX."

Allison Cosgrove: "I agree sexual education is needed but in primary school?? My 12 y/o had sex ed at start of year 7 and I think that was to soon! And we wonder why children are having sex at a younger age... My girl is a "young" 12 y/o and I was not happy when she came home discussing her sex ed classes some of the info was way above her age and there was things she didn't need to know or be discussing with other children at 12. Why can't we let our children be kids? And why is it that sex ed is done in year 7 now but drug ed isn't until year 8??? How is it rite that it is more important they know how to have safe sex than the learn the dangers of drugs? Pretty messed up thinking as far as I'm concerned. And they removed my choice as a parent to decide when she was ready to learn about it. Yes I had already had a talk to her about sex and diff sexual preferences but they took it to way above the next level and as her mum I think that should be my choice."

Leanne Evans: "The discussion is about the "types of sexuality" not about how people have sex. It really does make me wonder what people think sexuality is by some of the comments  why not teach them about the different types of relationships that men & woman can have. This would overall remove a stigma that shouldn't be placed in innocent minds & would also create equality & acceptance which in the future would lesson the chances of bullying which can create many issues such as an depression & anxiety, therefor in the long run benefiting our healthcare system. Why not start sex education for as young as yr 6 students. Many children at this age are starting puberty & education is power."

Peter Turner: "With all the hoha about same sex marriage, children will be taught that homosexual relationship and marriage is the norm!"