It’s the time of year where we begin reflecting on the past year and look ahead too.
It’s the time of year where we begin reflecting on the past year and look ahead too.

Set a goal that can spark joy in your life

It is that time of year when many of us start to assess what went on for the past 12 months, and we start to look ahead too.

Every year I write down a couple of goals, and I stick that single page as far back as I can in my undies drawer.

Some years I look at that piece of paper throughout the year, and some years I just let it slide completely.

Past goals have included catching an elusive Noosa River flathead; seeing the aurora australis and aurora borealis; and being able to lie on my stomach again to go to sleep (big tick for this one).

This is a year I will let that little piece of paper slide into some dark corner of said drawer, but I do remember one of what I now describe as hilariously unattainable goals.

It was to finish writing a book I started about 10 days into my maternity leave.

"What will I do with all that time off," I thought at the time.

"I know! I'll write that book I always wanted to write." Lol, lol, lol.

My baby started to walk this year.

One minute she is on the ground.

The next, she is kamikaze-ing off a lounge or trying to jump on a glass-topped coffee table.

I will finish the book, eventually, but it may take longer than first expected.

To be truthful, and I am not sure whether this is age or having a child, but my past goals have seemed a little hollow.

The book one, not so, but I was going for cheap thrills with some of the others.

The real question I needed to ask myself was 'what does happiness look like for me?'

I work in a job where I am constantly asking people for a few moments of their time, or a comment, or information.

And while I give that information to whoever is reading or listening, taking all the time in the first instance can feel incredibly draining.

My true happiness surfaces when I notice something in the gaps of the everyday planks of life that is new, that is different, and that is worth sharing.

So my goal is to share more of what I discover that will hopefully spark joy in others.

The beauty of this goal is that everything is new to my toddler, and just about everything sparks joy (or terror - there is no in between at the moment).

And so I have found the source of my true happiness, and giving to her means I fulfil my goal before the new year even starts. What are your goals for the coming year?