Lois Randall. Photo The Northern Star Archives
Lois Randall. Photo The Northern Star Archives The Northern Star Archives

Screenworks announces Regional Producer Elevator Program

TWO local screen producers will be placed with some of Australia's leading production companies as part of a multifaceted program that has been developed by Screenworks Northern Rivers.

 The new program aims to help overcome some of the barriers currently faced by our local screen industry.

As part of Screenworks' new Regional Producer Elevator Program,  two local producers will spend 10 weeks being mentored by a local senior producer and will also be placed with the likes of Goal Post Pictures (The Sapphires), Jungle Boys (The Moodys) or Essential Media (Rake), among others.

Screenworks has developed the new program in close consultation with both Screen NSW and Screen Producers Australia, to ensure that two producers receive tailored professional development and placement opportunities to advance their careers.

Lois Randall, one of the Elevator mentors, knows first hand the benefits of finding a mentor.

"I'm very grateful that I have personally benefited from generous mentors at different times in my career, who have guided me in practical ways as well as opening doors. Sometimes it's hard to know where to go with your idea or the best way forward. Being a producer can be a very lonely business and it's great to have experienced people to turn to for support," she said.

Screenworks General Manager Ken Crouch said the Northern Rivers has skilled professionals able to mentor producers.

"We are fortunate to have generous and talented industry professionals willing to be mentors in the region," he said.

"Experienced local producers Deb Cox (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), Cate McQuillen (dirtgirlworld), Lois Randall (The Gods of Wheat Street) and John Weiley (Solarmax) have agreed to participate as Elevator mentors over a 10 week period to the emerging producers.

"We know there is a strong need and demand for these types of professional opportunities and industry linkage programs in the Northern Rivers" said Mr Crouch.

The selected producers will also travel with Screenworks staff to Melbourne in November to attend the 2015 SPA Screen Forever Conference.

Screenworks will work together with the participating local senior producers to facilitate the unique placement with one of Australia's top production companies.

Some of the production companies that have already indicated interest in the program are Goal Post Pictures (The Sapphires), Essential Media (Rake), Media Stockade (I am a Girl) , ITV Studios Australia (I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here), Jungleboys (The Moodys) and Porchlight Films (Animal Kingdom).

The program is open to producers of all screen genres, including (but not limited to) TV drama producers, documentary producers and children's television producers and would also suit aspiring creative producers who are established writers, looking to further develop their producing skills and build stronger industry connections.

For more information visit www.screenworks.com.au



Applications for Regional Producer Elevator Program must be received by 5pm on Monday, October 12.