Bus driver, 67, attacked with school bag by raging teen

GYMPIE police are investigating the alleged assault of a 67-year-old bus driver by a teenaged boy on a Gympie school bus this week.

The boy has been barred from catching the bus until the matter is investigated and until discussions take place between Polley's Coaches, which owns the bus run, and the student's parents.

The parent of one of the other 50-plus students who caught the bus said in a Facebook post on Monday night that her child's life at been put at risk during the incident and something had to be done to stop it from happening again.

The Year 9 boy at the centre of the alleged assault reportedly was "playing up" on Monday afternoon as the bus travelled between Gympie State High School and James Nash State High School.

When the driver asked him to sit down at the front of the bus because of his behaviour, he refused, the parent said.

"The driver (then) stopped the bus until he did," she said.

"What happened next is truly frightening," the parent posted.

"The young boy moved back to the rear of the bus, so the driver stopped until he came back to the front.

"When the bus moved off again this boy started bashing the driver with his school bag, then jumped into the driver's area of the bus and started hitting all of the buttons on the dash."

Polley's spokesman Warren Polley confirmed yesterday that the incident had occurred and that the matter was being investigated by the Gympie CIB and Transport Department.

No charges had been laid as of last night.

Mr Polley said he was concerned for the welfare of the driver and other students on the bus.

"That driver is a really nice guy," Mr Polley said.

"He loves his job and he loves the kids."

The day after the incident a group of primary school children who catch the bus presented the driver with a bunch of flowers they had picked, Mr Polley said.

Students are expected to adhere to a code of conduct while travelling on school buses.

Mr Polley said a category one breach of the code was simply playing up, but the incident on Monday had been a category four breach, involving a "physical attack on the driver or other passengers".

The driver would have been within his rights to throw the teenager off, Mr Polley said.

But the boy had pressed buttons on the dashboard until the door opened, and had got off himself.

Polley's then notified his family that he had left the bus.