Bride's horror wedding day. Picture: The Shade Room/Instagram
Bride's horror wedding day. Picture: The Shade Room/Instagram

Fiance’s horror act at wedding

A bride has been given advice on how best to get revenge against her ex-fiance after he skipped out on their wedding day and left her to foot the bill on the lavish event.

A woman named Sasha explained what happened in an email to Instagram account The Shade Room and people were left horrified by her experience.

She claims her partner never showed up to the wedding and left her thousands of dollars out of pocket for the event and their non-refundable honeymoon to Greece.

"I didn't get insurance for our trip and it cost over 3 grand, not including all the vendors I paid out of pocket myself. He paid for nothing," she wrote.

"People showed up and flew from everywhere and went back home after the venue turned them around. I found out he never paid the venue.

"I was at the hotel getting ready with my girls when this went down. 10 years gone in 10 minutes."

She said she paid $3000 for her dress, $2400 for a DJ, $4000 for a photographer along with numerous other expenses.

People were quick to give the jilted bride advice, with many suggesting she sue him for the expenses.

"OUCH. Sue him. This was a breach of contract. The ring was material consideration for the verbal contract. She should be able to get at least some of her $$$ back," one person wrote.

Another suggested: "Go to Greece change ya name and get married to a prince and use your wedding dress as a bathrobe."