Charlie Taylor from the Australian Rugby Sevens Squad.
Charlie Taylor from the Australian Rugby Sevens Squad. Tony Martin

Meet the Aussie hunk too hot for rugby

TAKE a look at Charlie Taylor's Instagram account and you could be forgiven for thinking the 22-year-old is allergic to shirts - but that's not why he's about to be lost to Australian rugby.

No, the Sevens star isn't walking away from the sport because wearing a gold jersey is too restrictive for his rippling abs. Instead, the budding model is pursuing an acting career, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Taylor has represented Australia seven times and was part of the squad that competed at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in April, but rugby fans won't see the outside back on the paddock anymore.

If everything goes to plan he'll still be on TV, just not wearing short shorts and boots. There's a rumour the good looking youngster may appear on Channel 9's Love Island, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Taylor already feels the love from modelling agency THE.mgmt, who manages him, and there's no shortage of affection for him on social media. He's got 177,000 followers on Instagram and he's probably got them to thank for making him popular enough to stand out.

Taylor scored his first modelling gig in 2015 when a sports brand saw him - likely sans shirt - on the 'Gram and reached out to see if he'd be interested in getting photographed while looking attractive. He accepted and hasn't looked back.

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Although he initially copped plenty of stick from his rugby peers, Taylor kept getting in front of the camera and his teammates went from practical jokers to supporters.

"I posted a few shots online and people started to reach out to me," Taylor said in April. "It all went from there. After I posted a few images, I went to my locker and all the guys were there, these big units were standing there staring at me.

"I opened my locker up and every picture I took on a modelling shoot was printed and pasted inside and outside of my locker. They all had their phones out there recording me and one of the guys had a broom stick out pretending it was a selfie stick.

"I got so much criticism and had to think if it was something I wanted to do.

"But as time went on, they saw it was working and people were liking what I was doing and I started to get some paid jobs from it and that is when the ball went in my court and all of the guys understand and back me with it."