CLEAN SWEEP: Clothing Optional Beach at Tyagarah off Grays Lane.
CLEAN SWEEP: Clothing Optional Beach at Tyagarah off Grays Lane. Marc Stapelberg

Riders keeping it clean

OWNER of Zepphyr horses at Byron Bay, Kate Noller has refuted comments made by Byron Naturists claiming requests to remove horse droppings from the Clothing Optional Beach at Tyagarah beach were being ignored.

Ms Noller was concerned after a picture of horse droppings on a beach was printed on May 30 in the Byron Shire News.

Zephyr Horses offers small personalised riding tours in various locations around Byron Bay including along the beach at Tyagarah.

"We have someone on the beach cleaning up every day there are rides on the beach,” Ms Noller said. "As per our Marine Parks licence, half an hour after each ride someone walks from here to Tyagarah, picks up the droppings and brings them back onto our property.

Ms Noller has in turn raised concerns about the behaviour of some users of the Clothing Optional beach saying her female staff felt unsafe on that section of the beach.

"Female workers used to go down onto the beach and pick up the droppings but we now employ males to do this as female members of our staff were getting approached and harassed when they are leading rides or doing the clean ups.

"If the girls have to do the clean up there is always two of us as we often get yelled at or a man will approach you with an erection or something like that.

Ms Noller said there has been conflict around the Clothing Optional Beach with an element of users objecting to the horses on the beach at all.

"We get (threatening) things written in the sand and we have had glass put in the tracks. We have also had to contact police a number of times after seeing people having sex down there and finding condoms and sex toys littered around.”